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Above That Club

The Above That Club is an after school extracurricular program open to sixth through eighth-graders at FHMS. The Club meets once a month to discuss and role play ways to stay above the negative influences of alcohol and drugs in addition to playing games and having fun.

In 2012, the FH Coalition first began and continues to sponsor the Above That Club and other school activities designed to build upon refusal skills of students and minimize risky behavior and choices.

Under the direction of PE teacher, Patti Schultz, the Above That Club has educated over 200 students on the harmful effects and risks of underage drinking, illegal and prescription drug use. The Above That Oath is declared by students at the start of every meeting and ends with the mantra - "The best way to stop an addiction- is to never start!".

Above That Club Officers

Front row from left: Fred Tiger, Elle Young, Justice Underwood and Luke Jensen.
Back row: Miguel Castro and Joseph Johnson

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Red Ribbon Week - McDowell Mountain Elementary School

On October 2nd and 3rd, McDowell Mountain Elementary School's third grade class participated in Red Ribbon Week in partnership with the Fountain Hills Coalition. First on October 2nd, MMES special area teachers worked with the third graders on a "My Shield" activity provided by Shelly Mowrey and Maria Perreault of the FH Coalition. The students decorated their shields with symbols of their favorite activities, family and friends.

On October 3rd, Shelly led the assembly talking with the students about the special shields of protection created throughout history and how their personal shields represent people and activities that can help them make good, healthy choices. Eleven brave students came forward to talk about their shields and what makes them special. Every student then received a "Bee Drug Free" sticker and bookmark and made a pledge to be drug free, nice, helpful, a good friend, safe, happy and proud of themselves.

A student takes her time explaining to Shelly and her classmates the pictures of things
she included in her shield and why she really likes them all.

Principal Mrs. D. shares the stage with 11 third grade students who were proud
to explain and show off their shields of protection!

Red Ribbon Day

The annual prevention event in October, "Red Ribbon Week", is a series of nationally recognized prevention activities held around the USA in memory of fallen DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

Each year the FH Coalition partners with Maricopa County Sherriff's Office, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Town of Fountain Hills and Fountain Hills Middle School to sponsor Red Ribbon events. One half of a school day is dedicated to this event to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use.

Red Ribbon Day 2016

DEA Agent Shannon Scheel and former DEA agent and
Coalition Board member, Doug Hebert, educate students
on the history of Red Ribbon Day.
The students participate in different exercises
demonstrating the negative effects drugs have on coordination.

A member of Scottsdale Healthcare demonstrates
how detrimental smoking can be to one's
tongue, gums and teeth.

Students celebrate Red Ribbon Day and the YOLO theme.

FHMS Faculty, Julie Goodell and Patti Schultz
(Above That Club Facilitator) spend countless
hours coordinating the day's events.

Students win prizes for knowing Red Ribbon Day facts and
their participation in the activities.

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Teen Essay Contest

January 2018 - 6th Annual High School Essay Contest Cover Sheet
Click here to download the Coversheet

Every January, the Fountain Hills Coalition sponsors a community-wide essay contest for all high school students in grades 9-12. The 2017 Essay Contest received 225 essays in which students were awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with 14 honorable mentions. Prizes are awarded thanks to a generous donation by the Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation.

A celebration and awards ceremony was held February 14, 2017 where students, parents, teachers, school administrators, contest sponsors and judges were treated to a delicious lunch catered by The Hills' Pizza and Desserts Restaurant.

Guests enjoy a delicious catered lunch by
The HIlls' Pizza and Desserts prior to the awards.

The top three essay contest winners, from left: Mikayla Anderson (2nd);
Noah Ohnsorg (1st) and Laura Anderson (3rd).

Essay Flyer - CLICK HERE to enlarge

2017 Winners Article - CLICK HERE to enlarge

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Prevention during high-risk periods

Several days before homecoming and prom we focus on raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and underage alcohol use. Below are a few examples of activities in which the coalition has participated.

Prevention Prevention Goggles
Prevention - boy with goggles Prevention Driving with Goggles
Teens learn what happens to coordination after drinking by using special goggles
Prevention - girl with goggles

Windshield - Wendy's Windshield Crash Car

The coalition sponsored national speaker, Johan Khalilian, to present at Fountain Hills High School.
  Wendy's Frosty Coupon
Partnering with Wendy's, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and Fountain Hills High School we give away coupons to high school students and display a crash car on the campus!

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Marijuana Talk Kit

"When I was a kid......"

.... doesn't really work today when talking with your kids about marijuana. Marijuana, legal or otherwise, has become a national topic. It is more important than ever for parents to protect their child's health and development by addressing this issue upfront and with facts.

Through the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids*, the Fountain Hills Coalition offers a free Marijuana Talk Kit to help families navigate through a changing marijuana landscape; one that includes new policies like legalization, as well as new products, like "edible" candies and cookies. We've consulted with top experts in both the health and parenting fields in creating this booklet so that you can set the stage to have an open dialogue with your teen.

Believe it or not, YOU are the most powerful influence in your child's life. More than friends, celebrities and social media combined. And we are here to help.

CLICK HERE to view the complete talk kit.

If you would like to receive a Marijuana Talk Kit (20 page booklet) in the mail, email us at: and include your name and mailing address. No questions asked.

*Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,, Parents toll-free Helpline 1-855-DRUGFREE

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Middle School Poster Contest


In January 2016, the FH Coalition sponsored the second annual Above the Influence Poster Contest inviting all Middle and Charter School students to participate. The contest gave students an opportunity to create a social message poster that depicts living and loving life above the negative influences of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. This year's theme was "Respect Yourself". No words were allowed and the Above the Influence symbol (an arrow pointing up inside a circle) had to be incorporated somewhere on the poster. Thanks to a generous donation given by the Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation, awards were doubled from last year. A total of 130 posters were received and first, second and third place winners of each grade were awarded cash prizes of $200, $100 and $50, respectively. The first place winners also had flyers of their winning poster distributed by Papa Murphy's Pizza.

Winners were announced during class assemblies. Here, Coalition Director, Shelly Mowrey addresses the FH Charter School
Winners were announced during class assemblies.
Here, Coalition Director, Shelly Mowrey addresses the FH Charter School.

FH Charter School
From left to right: FH Charter School Principal, Lynda Rice alongside poster contest winners:
Sierra Gibbs (1st), Jason Broom (2nd), Isaac Wilson (3rd) with teacher Shannon Lorance.

FH Middle School
FH Middle School Principal, Anita Gomez (L) and art teacher, Tracy Perry,
congratulate 8th grade winners, Theo Papanikos (3rd), Hannah Barsema (2nd)
and Anya Feyrer-Melk (1st).

Winning posters of the 2016 Above the Influence Middle School Poster Contest:

FH Charter School:

First place: Sierra Gibbs
First place: Sierra Gibbs
Second place: Jason Broom
Second place: Jason Broom
Third place: Isaac Wilson
Third place: Isaac Wilson

FHMS 6th Grade:

First Place-Fatima Naranjo
First Place-Fatima Naranjo
Second place-Ethen Rodwell
Second place-Ethen Rodwell
Third place-Madeline Britton
Third place-Madeline Britton

FHMS 7th Grade:

First Place-Evelyn Lagnese
First Place-Evelyn Lagnese
Second place-Morgan Solomon
Second place-Morgan Solomon
Third place-Ethan McGraw
Third place-Ethan McGraw

FHMS 8th Grade:

First Place-Anya Feyre-Melk
First Place-Anya Feyre-Melk
Second place-Hannah Barsema
Second place-Hannah Barsema
Third place-Theo Papanikos
Third place-Theo Papanikos

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