7th Annual Above the Influence Poster Contest Winners Announced
“Design Your Future, Live Above the Influence!” Congratulations: Aaliyah Delgado; Austin Jimenez; Mya Hinton; Logan Robinson; Estrella Becerra; Isabella Pappas; Regan Tower; Matthew Wasielewski; Maddox Lagiglia; Mya James; Maggie Schultz; and Sam Barnard!
9th Annual Essay Contest Winners Announced
Congratulations: Andrew Miller, Taylor Pace, Sophie Dehombreux, Faith Shannon, Genevieve Kastner, Ava Kalmbach, Lauren Skemp, Izabell Butcher, Michaela Quintana, Erin Hooley, Cole Schulze, Tatum Molina, Jacelle Bautista, Reagan Oliver, Stella Grieco, Elizabeth Franzone, Autumn Rynearson and Genevieve Perkins!
Prescription pills, in the wrong hands, can lead to addiction and death.
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DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Mark your calendars or visit the permanent drop-box in Town Hall Lobby near MSCO for unwanted, unused, or expired medication. Keep households and family members safe!