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Here are some sites that provide helpful information about how to prevent underage drug and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and Other Drug Informational Sites
Between marijuana legalization, the normalization in pop culture and new ways of using (edibles, vaporizers, concentrates), it’s becoming more complicated for parents to talk to their teens. So where do you start? And what should you say? The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has a guide to help. Inside the Marijuana Talk Kit, you will find:

  • Facts about marijuana
  • Why weed is still risky for teens
  • Ways to talk with your teen about marijuana
  • What you should - and shouldn't say - when talking with your teen
  • How to respond to your teen's questions and arguments
  • Resources to help
The Marijuana Talk Kit will help you have meaningful, productive conversations with your teen.
Red Ribbon Day
Deputy Ochsner hands out Dunkin Donut coupons to students who show her they have the Text-A-Tip anonymous tipline programmed into their phones.
For information about safe drinking limits, this site provides very useful alcohol-related information.  It is sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is an agency of the United States federal government. Its mission is to focus attention, programs, and funding on improving the lives of people with or at risk for mental and substance abuse disorders.
A comprehensive portal of federal resources for information on underage drinking and ideas for combating this issue. People interested in underage drinking prevention—including parents, educators, community-based organizations, and youth—will find a wealth of valuable information here. is supported by the federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD).

A parent's resource guide for teen prescription drug abuse.
The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) works to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the Nation's drug control program. The goals of the program are to reduce illicit drug use, manufacturing, and trafficking, drug-related crime and violence, and drug-related health consequences.
NIAAA provides leadership in the national effort to reduce alcohol-related problems by conducting and supporting research; coordinating and collaborating with other research institutes and federal programs; and translating and disseminating research findings to healthcare providers, researchers, policymakers, and the public on alcohol-related issues. Site of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
A collaborative undertaking involving the Parents Transitional Research Center, The Partnership at, and the Treatment Research Center, six practices that can help reduce chances a child will develop an alcohol or other drug problem.
Above Influence Assembly
Middle School students listen to national speaker on Above The Influence Day.
National Institute on Drug Abuse site related to use associated with all forms of addictive drugs.
NIH site with information about all addictive drugs.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) site providing resource information for parents to help recognize, avoid or act upon drug abuse by their children.
Site of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, with information provided for all interested age groups.
The Medicine Abuse Project provides information about prescriptive drug abuse and disposal locations.
A drug rehab center directory and substance abuse information resource that features a complete directory of drug addiction treatment centers, an article database about alcoholism and drug abuse, a blog about current drug news, and much more.

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Parent Guides and Interactive Sites
Talk Early. Talk Often. Get Others Involved. Parent tool kit from SAMHSA's underage drinking prevention campaign.
What parents need to know about underage drinking

High School
The campus of Fountain Hills High School
Parent tool kit for guiding teens to a healthy, drug-free life.  From
Common myths about underage drinking and strategies and approaches parents can take to minimize the chances that your child will drink alcohol.
Downloadable marijuana brochure, in question-and-answer format, that provides facts about marijuana for parents and offers tips for talking with their children about the drug and its potential harmful effects.
Sponsored by Parents Empowered.  The only thing between your children and alcohol is you.
Sponsored by MADD. "Power of Parents"
An interactive guide when you know or suspect that your teen may be using alcohol or other drugs - taking action is essential.
Encouraging parent to communicate effectively with their children about the dangers of drug use

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